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If you are a professional wedding photographer, a party photographer, or even a corporate photographer, let your clients experience the best online photo selection with PIX STUDIO PRO

How to use


The first step is to create the event. After entering the event, create as many folders as you want and then upload the photos.


When you have uploaded all the photos, you are ready to send the code to your client for photo selection. Now just send the 6 digit select code to your customer through free SMS.


Your client selects photos easily across multiple devices; Phones, tablets and laptops. After complete photo selection you can sort all selected photo folders by folder.




  • 5 Customers
  • 1 Event / Customer
  • 1 Folder / Event
  • 100 Photos / Event
  • Limited Support
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  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Events / Customer
  • Unlimited Folders / Event
  • Unlimited Photos / Event
  • 24 X 7 Premium Support
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Download Pix Studio Pro App from google play store and select photos easly using the event code.

Using Pix Studio Pro app you can select photo by multi folders separately here, there are two option for photo selection first select photo and second is important, if you want to make a photo important then click on heart button. At the end if your photo selection is completed then click on the complete button.

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